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Facility services

What makes the company so unique? rosfm sets new standards in facility management and services. The need for facility management and its services has increased significantly in the industrial sector, in administrative buildings, offices or living spaces and requires a great deal of specialist knowledge - rosfm works with the latest trends. So that the customer can concentrate on his core task, rosfm ensures that the secondary and support processes run smoothly in the background. Based on tight structures and as a process-oriented organization, we use our know-how very efficiently. We analyze and optimize the technical, infrastructural and commercial processes relating to the planning and use of buildings and operating facilities. With services in operational maintenance and strategic plant management, a holistic and trouble-free operation is ensured.

Taking social, health, ecological and economic principles into account, we act on the front lines every day - sustainable and diverse.


They all demand: cleanliness in and around real estate. Cleanliness is not an immutable condition, but needs to be maintained and restored. A demanding job!

House maintenance

For individual concerns in the area of house maintenance, rosfm offers differentiated and customized solutions. This gives you the freedom to choose and decide for yourself which services you would like to have included in the package. Our many years of experience in the areas of solution-oriented services set us apart. We look forward to supporting your interesting concerns with our professional commitment.


We are surrounded by technical and mechanical systems in the real estate, these are important components and ensure safety, well-being and support for users in their daily needs. Why is maintenance so important?